December 12th-16th, 2014

Curated by Marc Leader

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday December 12th, 7.00-9.00 pm

278 GRAND STREET, 2nd floor, New York City, 10002
(btwn Eldridge Street and Forsyth Street)

Nikolina Kovalenko, Red Mirror, oil on Canvas, 44''x50''

Gallery SENSEI is Pleased to Present THE MANY FACES
an exhibit of new works by Nikolina Kovalenko, Renelio Marin, Bernardo Navarro Tomas, Zdzislaw V and Kanene Weston

I seek to empower strong woman with my work, whose beauty and inner sexuality is not rooted in the
opinions of men, but in their own (Nikolina Kovalenko)

The many faces gives five international artists a platform for which to express their views on
consumerism and sexuality in American society. Each artist’s viewpoint is shaped by unique personal
experience and the notion of what it means to observe a society from the outside. The binding factor for
the exhibit is that, although the artists stem from Russia, Poland, Cuba, and France, each brings an
original style that simultaneously causes the viewer to question personal boundaries and culturally
learned characteristics. From the empowerment of female sexuality to an educated critique of the
idolatry of consumer centric society, each artist presents a powerful statement.